2014 Update

2014 is shaping up to be another busy year for WESMO. The car has already seen a few different exhibitions with more on the cards for the future. The car has also seen a couple days of track testing and research and design is already underway.

Museum Display

The WESMO car was on display at The Waikato Museum's Exscite exhibition from the 17th March through to the 9th May. The display was a great success and was very well received by the general public. A short interview about the car and museum display was also broadcasted on a local TV channel. The Museum staff are very eager to put the 2014 car on display early next year, after the upcoming competition.

University Community Open Day/50th Year Celebrations

The University’s Community Open Day’ was a celebration of the 50th year of the University of Waikato. One of the aims of the Open Day was to showcase the achievements of students past and present.. The WESMO car was on display throughout this event which sparked a huge amount of interest and drew big crowds.

Track days and testing

So far we have had two successful testing days with the 2013 car. The first of these was a relaxed session giving all the WESMO team members a drive of the car. The vibe was very positive with many of the newer team members blown away by the acceleration and handling. The second was slightly more serious, aimed to select the team’s top drivers who will be further trained to race at competition this year. The day produced some great lap times, showing excellent potential for the driving calibre of this year's team.

2013 Competition

The Waikato University formula SAE team (WESMO) have produced a great result coming 6th overall in the formula SAE-A competition held in Melbourne Australia over the 12th – 15th December 2013. The team competed against 23 other teams from around Australia, New Zealand, Japan and England. The overall result of 6th put WESMO as the top international team at the competition and top team in New Zealand. The competition involved three static events and four dynamic events, with the car having to pass rigorous scrutineering to compete in the dynamic events. This is the best result the WESMO team has ever had, we are now ranked 85th in the world of about 700 participating Universities. A monumental achievement due to the hard work and dedication of a small, tight knit team and the funding, support and knowledge from our generous sponsors.
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